12 Monkeys, i.e., 12 Things Better Than Being a Reporter

12 Monkeys, i.e., 12 Things Better Than Being a Reporter

jasmine davis, low-key done with all this

Wednesday June 7th, Indian River’s very first “Healthy Habits Club” meeting was held in the senior cafeteria. The meeting was to be held between 2:30 and 3:30 and is run by the Cornell Cooperative Extension organization.

Posters were hung up all around school, with one in plain view of cafeteria traffic. On the poster it stated a time, place, date and website for information.

The website listed on the poster is WWW.IRHSHEALTHY.COM although of course you can not actually access this page in school, due to website restrictions.

If this is a school-related club, you would think the school would allow you access to check it out or gain information.  But no!

Unfortunately when I arrived at said meeting, I found there was none. The flyer said it went until 3:30 but when I arrived at 3:05 the only thing going on was Arrow Club.

So while the flyer was posted, there was clearly some misconstrued information and either they ended early or…never were there at all?

If your flyer says 3:30 then you should probably keep to your word and end at the time advertised. Because, what if someone in the Afternoon BOCES group really wanted to attend? (Or had to, for a Journalism assignment?) We do not get back until around 3:05-3:10.

Being unable to participate in many clubs is a real disadvantage against those in the technical programs. They cannot attend “regular” after school meetings, as given the example of me missing the healthy habits club.

3:30-4:00 meetings at least give us the chance to attend a small portion of the meetings, if it is for an assignment and you miss is, clearly an issue is posed.  It feels like having to make a choice between being an actual Indian River student and just being sort of a part-time student, second-class citizen.

If you got to the end of this and didn’t count 12 reasons why, you could try insanity–I’m considering it very strongly.  Or you could also try an old movie called 12 Monkeys, starring Bruce Willis and a young Brad Pitt as they explore the nature of reality.