How Old is “Too Old” For Trick or Treating?

Chelsea Coss, Contributor

What is considered the “appropriate” age to stop participating in the celebration of well-loved Halloween? Some say sixteen, others will tell you twenty. But, no matter what others say, in my opinion you are never too old to play dress-up.

Yeah, sure you might get some weird looks when you are 28 dressing as a fairy princess and going door to door.  So, what? Be you.

If Halloween is your favorite holiday, who is to tell you that you’re too old to celebrate? No one can take away the inner party. Let it show, dress up in whatever your big ol’ heart desires. Freedom of expression is in your rights. If someone says you’re being ridiculous, smile and say at least your not a fun sucker like them. So, whether it be an astronaut, a banana, or a ghost made out of sheets. Enjoy it. It’s only one day of the year where you can pretend to be anything you want. As they said back in 2016 [ed. note: 1988?], “Just do it!”.

That being said, here are some tips for dressing up as an adult. First, dress for your age. You shouldn’t be dressing as Elmo if you’re 33, it’s creepy. Second, if you’re determined to dress up, go big or go home. Go for most unique, or most detailed. If you wanna be creepy and scary, make it terrifying or gory. Embrace the character you’ve chosen.

And most importantly, have fun and smile at the critics.


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