IR Varsity Football Has Another Big Season

What it means to players and fans

Savannah Hall and Emily Rekully

There’s things that we do from a young age that shape us. Whether it’s picking up a football or a colored pencil, these tiny decisions we make as children lead up to who we are now. Because when you’re little you don’t know how these things can shape us into the young adults and adults we can become. Football is a prime example of this.

Once you hear the Varsity Football team is playing, those stands are full and the Warrior pride is outstanding! This pride goes throughout the team, fans, and the school. All the students at Indian River probably agree Friday nights in the fall are football night.

This reporter interviewed a couple of friends on the football team and asked them: “What does football mean to you and how has it changed your life?”

Zachary Snyder, #44, said “Football means brotherhood, leadership and reality. It has changed my life by making me stronger and wiser and I am more disciplined. The relationships I have with people wouldn’t be the same. It has helped me with communication skills, made me realize things aren’t going to come to me, that you have to work hard and earn it through hard work and dedication and not everyone will respect you but they’ll doubt you. So it has helped me realize without respect and with all their doubting, it pushes me and makes it easier in achieving goals, whether it’s in the game or in reality.”

Joshua Curry, #1, responded that “Football means just being able to create goals and paths for myself and succeeding in something that I know I’m good at, something that is worth working hard for and worth giving your full 100% effort.”

Another player, Kwazsi Gaddis, #4, answered that “Football is mainly about brotherhood and working together. It helps you become a better person overall. Indian River High School Football is the best football team in section 3 hands down!”

With the football season reaching at its end, Austin George was asked to describe how football has shaped him from his childhood into his young adult years. Austin has been playing football for eight years now and has some advice for young kids or people newly starting to play football, “Keep trying. Football will knock you down, but if you keep trying you’ll succeed.”

Our Warriors had an amazing season and had a record of 8-2 and then made it to the dome after defeating Jamesville-DeWitt 56-42. Even though we didn’t win at the dome, we had a good season and now know what we have to work better on!

Overall, the football team has shown that it is mainly about sticking together and pushing yourself. I am so proud of our Varsity football team and our coaches for pushing them to do their best. We are Warriors! We stick together and never give up! #WEAREIR!!