The Dreaded SAT: How to Prepare Yourself

Kelsey Chaffins, Contributor

The SATs have been around since 1926, with the intended purpose to test students’ knowledge in subjects needed for college.

Many seniors here at Indian River are approaching the dreaded test, or have already taken it. Your SAT scores are crucial to your acceptance into colleges you’ve dreamed about. One test that can potentially determine your future.

Approaching the test students’ nerves are getting the best of them, former IR student Danielle Styles says, “I was so nervous for that test!” who goes on to say “After it was over I was stressing about how I did on the questions, and if I could have done them differently.”

“If you yourself are approaching the exam, the best you can do is study,” junior Nathan Mills says. Preparing for the exam can also be crucial to your scores. Studying last minute will only stress you out.

5 Tips to High Scores

  1. Get a good night rest.

Even if your test is at 12p.m. your body cannot function to it’s full potential if you aren’t well rested. 8 hours at night is ideal.

  1.  Actually Study!

If you don’t know any of the material how will you pass? Getting an SAT prep book is a very smart idea if you are nervous about the material.  You can also take practiice tests online at to get a real feel on what to expect!

  1. Pay Attention.

Make sure you are reading the questions fully. You don’t want to accidentally miss a word and it end up messing you up! Take your time and start out slowly.

  1. Understand you may mess up.

Remember only 7 out of the million of test takers score about 1580. So, do not freak out and ruin your confidence if you have a weakness in a particular subject. It is okay.

  1.  Don’t focus on time!

If you are continuously looking at the clock, your time will be shortened. Take your time and read your questions. You have an average of 3 hours and 50 minutes to take your test. If you read the questions and don’t freak out, time should not be an issue for you.

If you follow these tips, your anxiety approaching this test should not be an issue!  Understand it’s natural to have some nerves. However, don’t let those nerves make an effect on your scores. Good luck!