Mayhem – in Verse – Comes to IRHS

Arron Wirik, S-P-E-C-I-A-L

Student responses to the Mayhem Poets performance:

“I really enjoyed their performance, and I got to talk to them after and got to know them a little bit more and and they were actually nice guys…I enjoyed their form of poetry and would actually like to see them perform again.” – Senior Nya Cappe

“I thought it was entertaining. The jokes seemed overly rehearsed in my opinion, so it wasn’t as funny. That being said the more serious bits were really good. I liked the heart put into it and I can appreciate that they have spent time to hone their craft and produce a show they were proud of and happy to be a part of.” – Senior Maeve Fasce

“I personally enjoyed the show. I didn’t really agree with all of the points they brought up but they presented their ideas well. 7/10 would watch again.” – Daniel Santiago

“I thought it was very good! There were many times where it was funny but there were also times it was serious. I liked how they included the audience and our very own school principal [and Mrs. Gorman]. It was definitely worth my time!” – Alyssa Speece

“I really liked the performance and would definitely go to see them again. I thought it was really entertaining and thought-provoking while teaching about how your writing can express whatever you want.” – Jasmine Combs