Spirit Week 2018: “Decades Day” Fashion Perspective

A primer on styles over the years


Luke Sandoval

Emme Watkins and Madison Rapp are rockin the 80s

Konner Berlund, Staff Reporter

Your IRHS Student Council decided on the theme of “Decades Day” to kick off Spirit week this year. Well, over the years there have been multiple clothing styles. Some crazy and wild. Others strong and independent. No matter what generation each clothing style has it’s history.

Seniors: “The Roaring 20s”

The 1920s was full of big changes in fashion. Women would wear shorter, low waisted dresses with bobbed hairstyles with inclusions of scarfs and stockings and looser fitted clothing. The 1920s were significant for women for being independent and free. The 1920s brought in an area of jazz, a cultural phenomenon across the US. Men were often seen wearing slicked back hairstyles with more sportswear (no ties!) and less formal suits or tuxedos in brighter colors.

Juniors: The 1950s

After World War Two, fashion was transitioning into more colorful prints. With the idea rebuilding the country, and enjoying life after the war years, women during the 1950s wore multiple styles. The pencil skirt, Pitt coats, full skirts and sweaters were all used for more of a flashy look than less independent look of the 20’s. Men’s outfits included leather biker jackets, Greased up hairstyles and for business attire like tailored suits and fedoras. The men’s style in the 50’s was the idea of an American or tough guy look.

Sophomores: The 80s

The 80s was a decade of bright colors and bold styles. Women would often wear blouses and coats with shoulder Pads, big handbags, curly (permed) hairstyles and pant suit attire to show independence. Men’s fashion was more casual and laid back and consisted of Dad jeans, Denim jackets, Bomber jackets and Longer hair. The 80s also were known for there multiple styles such as “hair band” rock styles, hip hop and workout attire. Hip hop attire was influenced by N.W.A, Run DMC and the Beastie Boys. People would wear big gold chains, classic Adidas and snapback hats. The rocker look was flashy or edgy. People would wear spiked (and/or bleached) hair, leather pants, jackets and boots.

Freshmen: The 2000s

The 2000s was a cultural phenomenon. Taking inspiration from previous generations and Making the hip hop influence mainstream from artist like 50 cent, Lil Wayne, Pharrell and Kanye west. Women’s clothing consisted of yoga pants, tube tops, denim jackets, and baggy jeans. Mens fashion consisted ‘do-rags, REALLY baggy jeans, Cargo pants, sports tees and jerseys and hiking boots or basketball high-tops.

Over the years there has been a multitude of styles from flashy, independent, strong, punk and more, that have influenced our style today.