Meet IRHS’ New Theatre Tech, Ms. Robison

Angelique Izquierdo, Science/Tech Editor

Warrior Ink would like to extend a warm welcome to Ms. Rachael Robison who has joined the IR staff working as our theatre technician director.

Ms. Robison is a graduate of SUNY Oswego, with degree in theatre with a concentration on the technical aspects of production. She originally started in college majoring in broadcasting and has even worked for a TV station in Carthage, but realized it was not for her; she decided that particular industry was too “cutthroat.”  Ms. Robison grew up in Carthage but has always taken an interest in Indian River’s programs; she decided to settle here after working and moving for two years straight.

Previous to working with Indian River she has done work down in Florida doing community theatre; and worked with professionals in that area from all over the U.S. She states that she had “always had a huge interest in the education side of theatre and that’s what drew me to Indian River.” Growing up, she had early radio experience in the seventh and eighth grade through a grant; she actually hadn’t realized she wanted to do anything theatre related as a living until college.

As of this publication, Ms. Robison is actively involved in helping put together our fall show “Who Will Carry The Word.” Along with the help of the students she is currently training in stage crew, she is responsible for everything to do with lighting, and sound elements (many originally composed by herself), and building all scenic elements involved. Ms. Robison is directly responsible for all the behind the scenes coordinating of student assemblies in the auditorium, theatre, and all concerts performed by our various musical and performing groups.

So how is she getting along with our students here at IRHS? After talking to several members of the stage crew, it’s clear that Ms. Robison has helped some student actors become comfortable with scenic building as well as training students to be a stage manager. Ms. Robison, for her part, says she very much enjoys Indian River and is looking forward to future projects.