Hurricane Michael Devastates Florida Panhandle

Right on the heels of Hurricane Florence

Makayla Parker, Health Editor

As of press time, there are a total of at least 33 deaths from the disastrous storm, Hurricane Michael. The hurricane happened last week, making landfall at the Florida “Panhandle” area October 10th. This hurricane fell into category 4, which is the second highest category for a hurricane to get in. Any category that is 3 or above, is major due to its wind speed, potential loss of life, and damage.

Recently, people went back to their homes in places like Mexico Beach to find them completely destroyed. Many people are devastated after witnessing their homes, and finding hardly anything. These houses belonged to people who once had a home, and even lived there for years. Right now, there are still over 1,000 people in local shelters, like local school buildings. During the hurricane, most shelters didn’t even have enough room for the rest of the people who were evacuating. Over 300,000 people who lived in the area that was affected, had to be evacuated.

After the hurricane was over, people were told to stay away from the area for a week due to how much damage the storm of 155 mph did. The hurricane was obviously extremely powerful. Many people still do not have electricity. At the time of the hurricane, only 2% of the people were lucky enough to have power. Another thing after the storm, there have been looters who are being arrested each night by police officers. Looters are literally going to people’s homes, ravaging through their belongings and stealing them. This has become a problem because not only are they stealing, they are often armed. Citizens have decided to stand guard, some even spray painted “Looters will be shot.”

The hurricane has destroyed many homes and businesses in an area that is not normally hit hard. It left many people completely devastated and heartbroken. Citizens say Florida Panhandle won’t be the same anymore.

Tyndall Air Force base, down what’s left of the road from Mexico Beach, has major damage to many aircraft hangars, and on-post housing. Although the Air Force won’t confirm numbers because of operational security, witnesses in the area show that several really expensive F-22 Stealth Fighters ($330 million each!) were likely destroyed by the storm.  They were probably being repaired at the time the hurricane hit, so they couldn’t be flown inland to safety.