The Great Pumpkin Destruction Contest!

Luke Sandoval

Luke Sandoval, Photo Editor

Do you like destroying stuff? are tired of “pumpkin spice” everything?  are you human?

Here at Warrior Ink, we’re only human, and we’ve been feeling a little stressed lately (like just today: “there might be a threat, but we’re having school anyway!”). But it is socially and perhaps legally unacceptable to take that stress out on people. Well, thankfully a certain member of the squash family is ready for some abuse!

So we hereby announce the Great Pumpkin Destruction Contest! (We were going to call it the Pumpkin Smash, but with the recent changes in slang meanings, that now sounds…ugh).  Anybody can carve a pumpkin…but we are not interested in a craft project, that pumpkin needs to answer for everything that’s gone even a little wrong in your life this October.

But Pumpkin Destruction contest does have (double ugh) rules…


  • You must provide your own pumpkin (please don’t steal any!)
  • You must DESTROY the pumpkin to the best of your ability, on video
  • Wreck as many as you want, but only one pumpkin per video, and one entry per IRHS student
  • You must get the video to Mr. Anderson, our Adviser, in person or at [email protected] before November 2nd at 11am.
  • Videos should be less than 1 minute in length
  • NO GUNS. (We think you can be more creative than that anyway)
  • Bonus points for unusual locations, methods, or tools
  • By entering a video, you agree that any injuries you may suffer, any laws you bend, or any messes you make are YOUR responsibility, not ours.

The staff of Warrior Ink are the judges of the contest, though  we may solicit community input as well. Winner of the contest will receive a BIG bag of candy!

Remember how much you destroy that pumpkin or how creatively you destroy it will affect your score.  Top five videos will be posted here on Warrior Ink!