PSA: How to Stop Negative Thoughts

Makayla Parker, Health Editor

Everyone gets negative thoughts, its normal. We tend to think negatively when we’re in a bad situation, or worrying about something. It’s okay to worry about things, but everyone thinks differently.

As teens, we usually tend to think about the worst case scenario. Since our brains are still developing, we think differently than adults do. We end up worrying more because we are still learning how to deal with different types of situations. For example, when we are about to take a test, we tend to think the worst. Many of use will suddenly be thinking, what happens if we fail, or what will happen if the person next to you gets a way better grade than you?  

Thinking of these negative things put a lot of stress on us and then our mind is thinking about literally every worst thing that could happen. Just calm down, take a breath, you got this.

There are many ways to stop these negative thoughts, for everyone it’s different. Here are some ways you can help cope with the thoughts.

  • Going for walks (especially outside – oxygen is your friend); exercising
  • Going shopping (especially with a friend or loved one – just stay in your budget)
  • Reading 
  • Cleaning and organizing
  • Listening to music
  • Surrounding yourself with positive people
  • Self care: maybe you’re just dehydrated, hungry, or tired at this moment?  These can all negatively affect your outlook, and may often have an easy fix

This is by no means an exclusive list, there are many ways to deal with your inner thoughts. If you’re running out of things to try, look things up, get creative!

And no, parking yourself in front of YouTube or Netflix for more than an hour at a time is NOT going to help you overcome negative thoughts.