How Pets Boost Happiness

Makayla Parker, Health Editor

Ever thought about how you always seem happy around your pet? Well that’s because they CAN boost your happiness.

Social science and even medical researchers show that having a dog or a cat can actually make you feel good to where it lowers your stress level and even symptoms of depression. Not only can pets help with your mental health, they can help with your physical health too. For example, when you take your dog for walks, your dog usually keeps you moving.

Studies show that when you take your dogs for walks, you are able to have more stamina and are less likely to be lazy in the house, and are more likely to get things done.

Pets also give you a sense of comfort. Usually, when you’re crying and you have a cat, or a dog, your dog will come lay next to you, same as your cat, but your cat will also rub the side of their face against your leg or arm to show comfort. There are hospitals and nursing homes nationwide that have “therapy animals” who brighten the days of people who are sick or disabled. 

Surprisingly, pets can also boost our self-esteem. They make us feel like we are needed when they comfort us and get excited once they see us.

They also improve our social lives, giving us a common topic during a conversation. People, mostly teens, explain how their dogs or cats help with their stress and anxiety.