Bad Behavior by Popular Artists: Don’t Call Them Role Models


Konner Berlund, Entertainment Editor

Should an artist be praised or shamed for past incidents, crimes, or any other events that had had an impact on their lives? A lot of musical artists have been accused of some awful stuff, and many have gotten away with practically no consequences and some remain super successful in the music business.

One of these artist is Tekashi 6ix9ine. Tekashi is one of the most popular artist this year with hit song after hit song. But he has also been known for controversy. One of his most infamous items of bad behavior is a case where he avoided a jail sentence for “use of a child in a sexual performance.” [Although he filmed the encounter, he was not a participant.] But immediately after this he was involved in a shooting, after his security guard was shot. And Tekashi apparently has previous charges of being under arrest for gang violence and faced community service.

Another example of artist who are praised but have been in tons of controversy is xxxtentacion. X is a artist that myself and millions of others enjoy. X’s depressing sound change this generation of hip hop and created a new sub genre of emo-rap. However xxxtenatcion was convicted of many crimes, such as severely beating up a gay man while he was in prison, being under house arrest and probation, multiple charges of battery with a firearm and, possibly most infamous, beating up his girlfriend, Geneva Ayala. Many of X’s fans say that he didn’t even commit the crime.

Others say X did these crimes but was trying to better himself. Unfortunately xxxtentacion, Jahseh Onfroy died on June 18th, At the age of 20. X’s fame and popularity exploded after his death but leading to some other opinions of X. Many people believe X deserved to die and was an awful person. Recently the artist Vic Mensa dissed xxx on the 2018 BET cypher for his domestic violence charges – although Vic himself has been charged with domestic violence.

Many artists have reputations for awful events that they have been charged for, mostly related to drug and alcohol abuse. Anyone with any knowledge of the hip hop or rap worlds basically shrugs at these, but there is a difference between partying and hurting people. The question is should an artist have fame and success even with multiple cases of domestic violence, under age dating, battery, etc.