New york approving marijuana

Kwazsi Gaddis, Sports Editor

What is holding New York state back from making the use of marijuana legal recreationally?

This past week as elections have been made, and states such as Utah, Michigan, and Missouri have passed the use of recreational marijuana usage.

There are now 10 states who have approved the use of marijuana recreationally, each law has their own rules on how marijuana may be used and possessed in their.

These are the following states who have given the approval to use marijuana recreationally, Utah, Michigan, Colorado, Missouri, Vermont, Alaska, California, Maine, Massachusetts, and

As you can see New York is not one of the states who have approved the following law. New York has a bad history of drug users in the past, and actually in the early 2000’s there was an estimate of about 600,000 cocaine users in the state of New York.

To follow up on that, it has actually been studied that marijuana can prevent the urge to do these harder drugs such as cocaine or heroin.

However, New York has approved to allow marijuana to be used medically.But you must be a legally certified patient, with a NYS registry identification card to purchase marijuana.

Fun fact: In 2017 studies found that New Yorkers used about 77.44 tons of marijuana, which is equivalent to the weight of 13 average sized african elephants.

You could only imagine how many people are being arrested for having marijuana in New York these days, so we rhetorically ask;is New York scared to approve this law?