Another Mass Shooting; 12 Dead in Bar in California

Briana Hemingway, Staff Reporter

Another tragic mass shooting happened on Wednesday night at a bar in Thousand Oaks, California. According to CBS News and other sources, twelve people are dead, and several more wounded, some in intensive care. There have been so many mass shootings that we are only two weeks from the last one, a massacre of elderly Jewish people in a synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Many young adults attended this bar, it was an eighteen and older club which many local college students frequented. The bar was called the “Borderline Bar & Grill” which was a popular nightspot for the people in that town. Many of the over 100 people present that night were there for “College Country Night,” wearing their cowboy boots for line-dancing.

One irony of the situation is that Thousand Oaks, California was, statistically speaking named one of the safest neighborhoods in the US to live in. Now many people in that town are helping out the victims and donating blood to their local blood drive.

One of the people who died in the gunfire was Telemachus Orfanos was in an earlier shooting at a concert in Las Vegas just over a year ago. The fact that he survived that, only to later die at this bar in Thousand Oaks this Wednesday is really striking a nerve with some people. His parents are devastated; Orfanos was only 27 years old.

The alleged shooter, found dead at the scene, is Ian David Long who was as a Marine Corps veteran and was known to have PTSD. Law enforcement sources say Long apparently killed himself, after using a .45 caliber handgun (with an extended magazine illegal in California) on the crowd. 

CNN is reporting that Long may have posted something on Facebook about the shooting right before it happened, but this has not yet been confirmed.

A longtime police officer, Sheriff Sergeant Ron Helus, died in the hospital after being wounded badly responding to the scene. He’d served 29 years and was one year from retirement.

Witnesses at the scene said they heard two gunshots and immediately knew what was happening. There are reports that many people helped each other hide or escape the violence by breaking windows at the back of the building to flee.