So-called ‘eSports’: is Playing Video Games Really a “Sport”?

Kwazsi Gaddis, Sports Editor

Should gaming be considered a sport? One could argue that it doesn’t really take much to learn how to play a video game. You don’t have to work hard in the weight room, and you don’t need much talent at all.

Gamers are mainly using their thumbs and their pointer fingers to play video games, which is really not a hard thing to do in a lot of people’s eyes. Does it take good eye coordination to play a video game? Or can the average human being move their thumbs and pointer fingers and play a game console.

Considering that gaming takes absolutely no training whatsoever, and people can literally pick up on how to play a game in less than 24 hours;  there’s absolutely no way gaming can be considered a sport.

So out of curiosity I went and asked several students around the high school about how they felt about gaming being considered a sport, and their responses were:

An anonymous student replied: “I think it’s kinda stupid.Like I feel like people shouldn’t be addicted to a screen sitting on their ass making money for it. It’s stupid. Like yes if you play a game here & there but it’s being considered a sport I don’t get that.

Jenna Munroe replied: “Depends on what game you’re playing in my opinion.”

Neven Tanner replied: “I think it’s too basic of a task to be considered a whole sport honestly.”

It’s clear that the thought of gaming being considered a sport, is definitely a reach in people’s eyes today. Therefore we should stick to labeling gaming as it is, and to not put it in the same conversation as sports