New Record-Length Government Shutdown

Briana Hemingway, Staff Reporter

As you might already know President Trump  has declared a partial government shutdown. This shutdown has affected many jobs and left a great deal of people without paychecks and other benefits. Today (the date of this article) marks the 23rd day, a new record for government closings.

The following is a list of federal employees affected by the government shutdown, some of whom are missing their 2nd paycheck at time of publication:

  • Federal Workers in several different agencies
  • Food Inspection Workers in the FDA
  • Air Travel Security (TSA) workers
  • People who use food stamps
  • National Weather Service scientists
  • National Parks workers
  • Almost all Coast Guard members
  • EPA
  • New home buyers
  • IRS

…and many more, including companies whose workers are contracted to do jobs at certain government sites, and often times businesses like restaurants and shops that are near government buildings.

The reason for this government shutdown was because Congress failed to appropriate funds. According to, in the normal budget process, “Congress appropriates funds by September 30 for the following fiscal year. When that doesn’t happen, then Congress enacts a ‘continuing funding resolution.’ If Congress can’t agree on one, it forces a shutdown. It signals a complete breakdown in the budget process.”

The job that is catching the most attention is TSA workers. The government shutdown began during the week of Christmas which is wrong on all its own. Many TSA workers are calling out “sick” because they do not want to work without pay. This was the worst time for TSA workers because of the fact that the week of the shutdown was one of the busiest time for air travelers.

At Miami International Airport, a terminal will be closed for three days because of the shortage of TSA workers. And some others will only be open partially during some days.

According to reporting on Business Insider: “Last week, Trump said he was prepared to keep the government shut down for “months or even years” after he and Democratic leaders again failed to resolve his demand for billions in funding for a border wall.”