Most Disappointing Albums of 2018

Konner Berlund, Music Maestro

Top 10 Worst Albums of 2018

This last year was mixed for music, some good some bad, but for now I’m going to be covering the worst of this past year, Happy New Year and here’s to better music.

10 Eminem: Kamikaze – Eminem is one of the “Best rappers alive” and he made one of the worst projects this year. Look I’m not an Eminem fan but he can do way better than this. The whole album is him whining about how his last album “Revival” wasn’t a hit when it was the worst album of all time last year. I hope for better songs by Eminem, I’m not going to act like this album is all bad there’s some bangers on here but I was expecting something way better than what we got.

9 Imagine Dragons: Origins -This album is all over the place. I can’t tell what Imagine Dragons are trying to do on this album. They tried to add a electronic vibe to their sound. But their sound to me wasn’t good in the first place, so I don’t see what was the point of the electronic stuff.

8 Fall Out Boy- M A N I A – Not one of the bands highest moments. Fall Out Boy tries to do an electronic rock album, that is boring. Half of these tracks were just cringey like the track “Heaven’s gate”. Fall out boy’s sound just feels dated and bland.

7 Muse: Simulation Theory – Now I’m not much a muse fan. I haven’t listened to any other of their projects before. So I judged it as its own thing. But all I got was really bad 80’s, electronic, pop rock. The band tries to make a big event album, but it really fails.

6 6ix9ine: Dummy Boy – The most controversial person this year 6ix9ine came out with a bland project. There are some bangers here but it mainly feels rushed and only has a few songs that can be barley be big hit.  

5 Quavo: Quavo Huncho – Wow. Talk about disappointment. See Quavo sold a lot of copies but only cause his a best feature roster he had on this album. Quavo was basic on this album but with all the huge features they all sounded meh. Even the solo tracks like “ Workin me” and “ Bubble gum” I didn’t care for all that much.

4 Lil yachty: Nuttin to prove – Lil Yachty is so lifeless on this album. Yachty’s Cherry happy vibe he’s known for is gone, and he sounds basic. His delivery on this album is awful. Like he was asleep for half of this album. The tracks that do sound listable are only cause of the features. Yachty brings nothing to the table on this album.

3 Justin Timberlake: Man of the woods – Justin Timberlake’s album tries to combine folk, country and pop and fails miserably. The track “Filthy” is one of the worst pop songs I’ve heard this year. For some reason there’s some EDM mix in some tracks as well like on the track “Supplies” Basically this album is a bad sound smoothie. Throw in some Pop, Folk, EDM, Country, and all of it just sounds bad. It’s even sadder when you find out the “Neptunes” (for people who don’t know that Pharrell’s group)  had some involvement in production on this album who have done so much better work with Justin in the past.

2 Lil xan: Total Xanarchy – Really good production, Really good features but awful artist who tries to do too many styles and he fails at all of them. All equally boring and all with awful auto tune. A total of 2 songs that were listenable.

1 Machine Gun Kelly: BINGE – THIS IS AWFUL!!! A bit of history, MGK had a beef with Eminem and took a major L. So he came up with this 24 minute bland, poorly produced, rushed, ear piercing THING!!! That is “supposedly” a project. No tracks were enjoyable on this thing, all bad, all just god awful.