Global Warming Appears to Be Speeding Up

Ashley Torres, Business Manager

Everyone always talks about global warming and it being affected by humans everyday, but how fast is it really going?

Scientist have discovered that climate change is happening faster than usual by using their new technically called Argo, a ocean observing system that measures the temperature and salinity of the ocean continuously.

Climate change has been happening since the 1950s but with the continuous burning of fossil fuels, there are concerns of it being dangerous and having serious problems if we don’t stop it.

Problems such as the coastline rising, cold winds sweeping lower cause more brutal winters, endangering animals and much more.

According to a Forbes article “Ocean warming continues to break every record,” global warming is going so fast it is equivalent to “detonating 3 to 5 nuclear bombs”.

2018 has been recorded as the hottest year for global ocean temperature since 1958.

If nothing is done by now, by 2081-2100, higher temperature in the upper ocean will be six times higher than the past 60 years.

The United Nation is concern of future natural disasters because of the 2.7 degree Fahrenheit that could be occurring by 2030.

Oceans are known to be great heat absorbers, absorbing up to a 1,000 times more heat, which mostly come from greenhouse gases.with that amount of heat is absorb, it does not significantly affect ocean temperature to much, unless over time the world continuously get hotter.

However, even though changes probably won’t be seen in our lifetime, there is a very high chance it will occur in future generations life times and will have very dangerous consequences.