HoCo Horror: What’s Canceled, and What’s Not


Composite image by Anderson Graphics.

Ariana Bennett, Staff Reporter

Is spirit week happening? Well bad news, readers: Homecoming 2020 is CANCELED. None of the Seniors will be able to experience their last IR Homecoming due to Covid-19 restrictions on gatherings, and new freshmen won’t get their first proper HoCo experience either.

Student Council representative Jayla Johnson stated “We’re having a 2 week spirit week… more information will be announced soon.”

You heard it here first, word is that we can have a 2 week Spirit Week of themed dress-up days similar to previous years. (See details below.)

Covid is ruining a bunch of things. Not just homecoming and sports, but also pep rallies. Pep rallies are the number one thing students and even teachers to have fun and yell as loud as they can. Pep rallies normally bring everyone together by each face paint, school chants, funny games, and the cheerleaders performing, and sadly there will none of that this year, as it would be literally illegal to do it the way it has been done in the past, cramming 900 students into the Main Gym.

Many seniors are starting to think of their senior year as a year they do not want to remember because of Covid. Much of the usual excitement has been muffled by the way they have to walk around the halls in masks, and miss half their friends due to “social distancing.” [insert ‘local reaction’ quote here]

Per student Council adviser Mrs. Caddick, the “theme” days are as follows:

Monday – October 19th – A Cohort Hawaiian/Luau Day

Tuesday  – October 20th – A Cohort Country vs. Country Club Day

Thursday  – October 22nd – Z Cohort Hawaiian/Luau Day

Friday  – October 23th – Z Cohort Country vs. Country Club Day

Monday – October 26th – A Cohort – Pink Out – Seniors Wear Crowns

Tuesday – October 27th – A Cohort – Halloween Dress Up

Thursday – October – 29th – Z Cohort – Pink Out – Seniors Wear Crowns

Friday  – October 30th – Z Cohort Halloween Dress up