Plenty of Fall Fun Still Found in the North Country


Composite image by Anderson Graphics

Summer Bernard, Staff Reporter

It’s officially Fall in the north country, which means cooler days and longer nights but that still doesn’t mean you can’t do some fun fall activities this year (within COVID guidelines of course). Some might be new to families that have arrived recently, and some are a reminder for folks who have lived here all their lives, there’s still things you can do even with social distancing.

 1. Visit the Burrville Cider Mill.

    Take a visit to the Burrville Cider Mill in Watertown, NY where you can get delicious apple cider donuts, warm apple cider, and much more treats and homemade items in their little shop. Once you’re done buying your treats, you can then go to the back where you can take a picture of the beautiful falls.

 2. Take a hike/ walk.

    Like taking a peaceful stroll outside? Go on a walk along the few walking trails throughout the county. Look at the color changing leaves and just enjoy the quietness to destress from your week (which is especially needed during these times). There’s everything from paved bike trails to serious hiking around here.

 3. Apple Picking.

    Don’t forget apple picking. Go apple picking during the fall season and pick some nice, juicy, ripe apples to make some apple treats like apple pie or apple crumble, or to just eat the way it is. Several farms offer wagon rides and the chance to pick your own fruit for a very reasonable price. Makes for great Instagram photos.

4. Visit a pumpkin patch.

    Halloween is coming up so don’t forget to pick out the perfect pumpkin. Paint it, or carve it and set it up for some nice Halloween decor, or turn it into a delicious pumpkin treat to enjoy. Roast your own pumpkin seeds if you’re feeling the vibe.

 5. Visit some Haunted places.

   Nothing says halloween more than visiting some haunted sites. One site being right here in Watertown – The Thompson park vortex where people are rumored to have disappeared for a few minutes and then come back after being sent to a different time warp.