Western Wildfires Continue, With Little Hope in Sight

Jayden Devereese, Deputy Editor

Wildfires are again raging all over the Western US, as if 2020 could get any worse. These devastations are wrecking lives and homes in states such as California, Oregon and Washington. People are dying in some cases, and entire neighborhoods are burning down.

It started as just a very small fire on September 7th but quickly spread due to high winds. According to scientists across the country, these fires are climate induced. Due to climate change, fires have been sparking in the North West while the North East is freezing. Thousands of firefighters from across the country are working to keep dozens of fires contained while the citizens watch it rain ash in parts of the states.

Residents and business owners in these areas can often do nothing but remain calm and put their trust in those who are professionals. Many people have fled from these wildfire states and left their homes to go further East.

Millions of acres are still burning as this article is being written. [According to?] the the total square miles burned so far this year is already larger than the entire state of New Jersey.

Alexis Sherwood, 17, of Little Falls, New York lived in California until she was twelve. Sherwood says, “Wildfires were never uncommon [there]. They usually happened over the summer months and global warming is really to blame. We’re wrecking our climate system and causing these fires to happen. We need to do something because its getting out of hand.”