Will Going to the Movies Ever Get Back to Normal?


No More Movies?Composite image by Anderson Graphics

Randy "Ren" Wagstaff, Staff Reporter

The recent COVID-19 outbreak led to quarantine, causing many companies to shut down and/or lose money. Theaters have been affected by this significantly more compared to some other companies.

After briefly being able to re-open in some states in late August, many have been forced to close again as the pandemic continues or gets worse in parts of the country.

According to reporting by NPR, as of Thursday October 8th, all 536 Regal theaters have closed down, causing more than 40,000 employees nationwide to face unemployment. This unfortunately includes the local Regal Cinema at the Salmon Run Mall, and probably Destiny USA, the big Syracuse mall as well. 

The news for the Regal theaters closing shortly came after the announcement for the delay of the latest James Bond film, “No Time to Die,” as it was pushed back to Spring 2021.

Rumors have emerged with guesses that Regal Cinemas across will reopen sometime around Spring 2021, perhaps around the same time the company plans for the new James Bond movie to be premiered. These rumors sound unlikely due to there not being much progress ever since the outbreak began.

According to a statement by the company, Mooky Greidinger, CEO of Cineworld (Regal’s parent company) explained there has supposedly been no cases within the theaters, yet there’s no real evidence that supports this claim.

The company has also stated that they have had to postpone many big titles as each theater has been left empty. Due to this condition, Disney has had to move their movies, such as the live-action Mulan, onto their online service, Disney plus. Disney might continue to do that procedure until COVID becomes resolved.