The Console Wars Get Brutal With PS5 Out, New Xbox Coming

Delbert Foote, Staff Reporter

War started on March 3 2017, when Nintendo released the Switch and a year later Xbox Series X and PS5 were announced. Which side gamers take depends on whether they value story, multi-player, or portability the most.

Though the console wars have been mostly between Sony and Microsoft, with Nintendo remaining in the shadows after the Wii U. Nintendo then came out of nowhere with the Switch, opening a whole new front in the fight for digital supremacy.

The Nintendo Switch is a portable console that is easy to use and carry, alongside with its library of games. Most of the console games contain Nintendo’s IPs and mostly the only place you can play their games. 

Nintendo has moved from the console wars by not trying to get people to buy more of the console or its big thick controllers. But made it easier to play with friends by making the controllers on its side two controllers and also as they are small and can be easily bought for use in multiplayer games. 

Sony usually have great exclusive games for their consoles and excellent library of games. They have stated themselves that their console will not be able to have backward compatibility (to play games from other PS consoles) Except for PS4 game titles. Due to this minor drawback, it mostly has to do with expenses as with the PS4 and PS3.

Ps3 did have backward compatibility for PS2 and PS1 titles. The new software in the PS4 and PS5 would be a problem for old PS console titles. This downfall is overshadowed by the games it brings, which there are too many to talk about all of them so I will talk about one. 

DEATHLOOP is an action packed adventure game where you play as a man who has to find ways to incapacitate (have to remain family friendly) all his targets by midnight and if he doesn’t, the area will reset. Seems easy yes, well no–you will have to worry about another person who is defending them and hunting you down and everybody is after you.

Though the Ps5 console seems like a good console but Microsoft is not able to understand numbers that came out with the Xbox Series X. Unlike Sony with backward capability being limited. Microsoft states that their system is backward capable in the fullest extent to the very first Xbox. That means that you could play Halo: Combat Evolved from the OG Xbox on your new Xbox, yes.

That would be it if Microsoft did not say what their flagship game will be. That game is Halo Infinite, it is an open world game where you as Master Chief will go around on Zeta halo which the Banished has occupied, the banished are from the Halo Wars chapter of Halo. They are also made of remnants from the Covenant and other merchant groups.

Both the PS5 and Xbox SX are ray tracing compatible. But Games on the Xbox will be more multiplayer based and PS5 will be more story driven. It also seems that computer players may have a say because Gaben the CEO of Valve in an interview in New Zealand on a program called The Project, when he was asked the question Xbox Or PS5. He said without restraint and no hesitation said “Xbox.”

Though each console is different like the switch is meant for portability, PS5 is meant for storytelling and the Xbox Series X is meant for multiplayer communities, each console has so much going for them to make the choice difficult, so I guess I will buy all them, if i’m given a chance. But what will be your choice of a console and what do you think is better? Leave a comment below.