Do You Know the “Among Us” Backstory?


Artwork by freshman Malakai Roach.

Delbert Foote, Staff Reporter

Among Us was developed by a game company called Innersloth, which is co-founded by PuffballUnited, who are the developers of the Henry Stickmin games. Though developed by Puffball and Innersloth, Among Us was not acknowledged by the Puffball community. 

Among Us became popular due to Twitch Streamers and YouTubers playing the game, the quarantine, and The Henry Stickmin games brought awareness to the game by having posters in the game. 

As the game grew really fast, the game developers decided to announce Among Us 2 in September 2020. However, a month later, they cancelled the project, realizing it’s too early for a new game. They now plan to put everything that was going to be in Among Us 2 into the current version of Among Us. 

When Among Us was first released, marketing was bad. Even when Among Us got popular Marcus Bromander, Puffball United Co-founder of Innersloth, said to gaming blog Kotaku that “the team was really bad at marketing.”

Purely for research sake, this reporter has played many hours of the game. It’s enjoyable because it implements an investigative way of thinking and has the challenge of getting tasks done. I also like how the imposter has a limit on what he can do at times, and also that both sides have to interact with the others to determine who is your enemy. 

Red: “I saw The Journalist not doing anything.”

Cyan: “Ya he was just standing in electrical while lights were off.”

The Journalist: “but I’m not the Imposter!”

<Journalist gets voted out the airlock> 

“The Journalist was not the imposter he just forgot to do electrical.”

(2 imposters remain)