Old School Thrillers You NEED to See


Composite image by the author.

Samara Buffardi, Staff Reporter

Just in time for Halloween, we have been thinking about old school thrill/suspense movies that are either classic or obscure, but still fun to watch.

The Craft is a movie about a girl named Sarah who moves to a LA high school. Her telekinetic gift gets the attention of a group of three witches. The witches have been seeking a fourth member for their rituals. 

This movie was released in 1996, and it is very 90s. These girls used their power for revenge because they were all outcasts. The main focus is witchcraft, and the intense emotions felt by those who are shunned or disrespected by the popular types, and revenge. 

So this reporter put an informal poll on Instagram: the question was, have you ever seen The Craft and there was a movie picture included. Out of 500 people who saw the poll, 71% have not seen it and 29% have. I recommend it, even if the special effects are a little weak by today’s standards.

The second movie is The Goonies, it is about a group of adventurous kids who find an old treasure map in their attic. They go on this adventure because a company is planning on destroying their home to make a country club. The children follow the pirate map to an underground cave and go through dangerous traps along the way. 

This movie was made back in 1985. I also put another poll on my main Instagram page. The question was have you ever seen the goonies movie? And there was the movie cover picture included. Out of 500 people who saw the poll, 73% have seen it and 27% have not. 

The Goonies is a classic, and many fans consider it to be funny as well as thrilling.