A Beginner’s Guide to K-pop


Composite image by Anderson Graphics.

Jayden Devereese, Music Fanatic

If you are looking for something new musically, the last thing you should do is hate a genre or style you haven’t investigated for yourself. If you are bored with American music especially, well, it’s a great time to be alive.

K-pop is a genre of pop/rap music coming straight out of South Korea. Groups such as BTS, EXO and Blackpink have made their music known to outside countries these past few years.

Maybe you are new to K-pop or have always wondered about it ? Heres a listening guide to the K-pop scene.

A great way to start start listening to K-pop is to figure out what type of music appeals to you. If you like deep meanings or love songs you’ll definitely want to check out some groups’ ballad songs. If you’re just curious on what the rave is about, check out some upbeat songs. Here’s a list of ballads and upbeats from various groups and solo artists. 

Fire up YouTube or your favorite streaming service and check these out:


“The Truth Untold” -BTS

“Breathe” -Lee Hi

“11:11” -Taeyeon

“Missing You” -BTOB

“IF YOU” -Big Bang

Upbeat bops (pop or dance/club songs)-

“Dynamite” -BTS

“Catch Me” -UP10TION

“Obsession” -EXO

“DDU-DU DDU-DU” – BlackPink


If you’re into rap music there are some rap groups but mostly solo artists. A few that are definitely worth checking out are Agust D, G-Dragon and Jay Park. 

K-pop has genres inside of itself and can be for everybody who has an open mind.

If you ever have free time or have a burning interest for the talent of another country, K-pop might be for you. Show your support by buying an official fandom lightstick, or even streaming the newest music video. The fandoms are all for getting their idols as high up on the charts as they can. Maybe you could even be a new addition to some of them.