Is It Really Spirit “Week” If It’s Only Two Days?

Composite image by the author.

Composite image by the author.

Parker Ashley, Staff Reporter

Spirit week has changed a lot this year and is very different too. This year with spirit week is a little weird because we have the two different Cohort (A and Z) and COVID in general. 

Spirit week yes, I said week but this year has a little different effect on that because half the school is in school as the others are at home learning for Monday and Tuesday then the other way around for Thursday and Friday. 

We are not in school everyday anymore which makes things harder and we aren’t able to fit all our things we do for Spirit Week, it’s a little confusing because both of the cohorts are doing different things and it’s not just a week anymore it’s longer because only half of the school is at school. 

This years spirit week is also boring this year and most of it I think is from COVID because this year nowhere near as many people are participating like I will be walking down the hallway there’s not many people dressed up but most of that is most likely because of the split of the students and there’s only like half of the students in the school because of the two groups like half of the students the first part of the week and the other half at the end of the week.      

Warrior Ink asked Maddy Countryman, a representative of Student Council, to see what her thoughts were about Spirit Week and she said “I feel like not as many people dressed up because there was a last-minute plan being only the week before, I feel like people also weren’t feeling it this year because of COVID and in student council we came up with a spirit week to make the school a little bit better giving the circumstances with COVID like not seeing all of our friends, classes maybe being harder for some and wearing masks and it just not being normal.” 

Like what Maddy C. said most of it is from school being so much different and because of the situation we are in this year.