Spirit Week vs. COVID and Cohorts: Still Strong

Ariana Bennett, Staff Reporter

Here it is, Part 2 of Spirit Week. Monday was the day where everyone showed off different shades of pink, and Seniors showed off the creativity of their crowns – or just brought tiaras in some cases!

PinkOut Day was for the color of Breast Cancer awareness  and research, so everyone can have a better understanding of breast cancer, it is the most common one in women. Since the majority of teachers are women, and we all have moms and aunts and sisters and grandmas, many IRHS students and staff showed their support.

Most people were not participating, but the people who did, are looking stylish, especially the seniors with their crowns. 

Even the ones who did not participate in those events, will most likely participate for “Halloween,” which is on Tuesday for Cohort A, where all students and teachers participate in wearing their Halloween costumes, and you know everyone will show off the most on this day, call it COVID-Ween. Even though COVID stopped a bunch of things this year at Indian River High School, it never stopped the spirit everyone has at this school, and like the Grinch, the virus could not stop a good spirit week. 

To this reporter, COVID-ween looks fascinating. People dressing as celebrities, monsters, angels, devils, etc. People did not just wear their costumes, but even decorated their masks for part of their costumes and it’s really creative. Yes, Halloween would be different this year physically, but mentally it would be the same, since everyone has the same spirit, like any other Halloween. 

Ariana Bennett