Corpse Husband: The Science Behind that Deep Voice


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What do Morgan Freeman and Corpse Husband have in common? Hint: check the headline of the article again.

Heaven Golladay, Science Editor

On October 20th, 2020, over 400,000 people watched online as New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez played the popular multiplayer game Among Us on a Twitch stream. While she may be the only current member of Congress able to claim that kind of audience on that platform, Ocasio-Cortez was accompanied by popular internet influencers, the singer mxmtoon and rising personality Corpse Husband.

Viewers quickly began to tweet and record the congresswoman’s reaction to his especially deep voice. “I can’t get over this dude’s voice– it’s so low,” said the congresswoman. 

Faceless YouTuber, musician, and streamer Corpse Husband has recently gained a large following due to his darker aesthetic, a personality that greatly contradicts that, and his incredibly deep voice. 

A lot of his new audience questions, how on Earth is his natural voice that deep?

Corpse Husband says that his now iconic low voice is largely due to family genetics, but also a chronic version of the condition Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) that has worsened over time. 

Genetic contribution to deep voices

In biology we all learned the basics of genetics. DNA is stored in our nucleus which gives our cells a basic instruction manual on how to align and function. Some traits are recessive and others are dominant. Most importantly, these traits are passed down from our parents. 

Speaking is a very mechanical process. Our lungs push air out towards our trachea to create vibrations with our vocal cords to create sounds unique to us. The shape and size of individual anatomical features greatly contribute to the sort of sound one makes, much as a clarinet is built to create different tones from a flute. 

As we grow, and we enter the wonderful stages of puberty, depending on our sex, our bodies release great amounts of specific chemicals to affect our voices (among other things). In boys, testosterone, which causes the larynx to widen and vocal chords to get thicker, together create lower-frequency vibrations we recognize as a deep voice.

Therefore, it is pretty logical to connect vocal similarities in families with the genetics they share when it comes to the development of their trachea and other surrounding structures, and production of hormones. It is very likely that Corpse Husband’s family has larger larynxes as many of his fans pointed out the fact that his voice was already quite deep prior to his disease progressing.

However interestingly enough, the National Center for Families Learning (NCFL) wrote on the fact that in some ways, there are more variables that are non-biological that contribute to the pitch of our voices, such as anything damaging to our airflow or vocal chords themselves, like a cold, smoking or pollution, or even emotional environments. 

Biology enthusiast Michael Yoro had this to say about the variables of one’s voice, “I find it interesting that there are many factors that coincide with how our voices sound. With things being genetic you hear people like Beau Biden, who sounds exactly like President-Elect Biden […] And other things that aren’t necessarily meant to affect voices but have a large impact like GERD, smoking, and the speed we talk that can affect voices.”

Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)

Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD is a common condition in which the body is prone to releasing stomach acid up the esophagus, due to a weak esophageal sphincter, which is the band of muscles meant to flex against stomach acid. 

This of course causes great irritation and damage to the area if experienced frequently as the upper area of our digestive system is not made for contact with such acidic substances. The damaged area causes the air that flows through one’s vocal cords to produce a much raspier and deeper tone than they had prior to the disease. 

Many who experience this are able to use home remedies such as consuming things that produce more saliva in your mouth and soothe the area, and over-the-counter heartburn medications could also assist with the symptoms. Think Tums and Rolaids tablets.

However, those who have more chronic versions of the disease could have to regularly take medications that make their esophageal sphincter stronger, and lower their acid reproduction. Some people who don’t want to deal with regular medication or have the most serious cases of the condition may opt to receive surgery that creates a stronger esophageal sphincter via magnetic bond or wrapping around the lower esophagus. 

It is now no wonder that content creator Corpse Husband has an intensely deep voice as he shared that fact that he faces the unfortunate disease GERD and simply has the genes to amplify that. From AOC to the ordinary fan, his unique voice has certainly made a great impression on all who hear it.