Bored? Here, Try Some Anime

Summer Bernard, Staff Reporter

If you need something new to watch because you’re bored of the same regular TV/Netflix shows, may I recommend Anime? Anime is computer-animated shows that are usually from Japan. Anime is usually given a bad reputation since it is seen as childish, but there are many different types for many different people like Action, Fantasy, Romance, Sports, Slice of life, etc.

So here are some anime recommendations and a small description for anyone interested:

  1. Fruits Basket.

Genre: Romance, Slice of life    Status: Ongoing.

Fruits Basket is about an orphan girl who ends up living with mysterious Sohma clan, where she quickly finds out they have a secret of their own: They turn into members of the Chinese Zodiac when hugged by the opposite sex.

  1. Haikyuu.

Genre: Sports, Slice of life    Status: Ongoing.

Haikyuu is a volleyball anime about Shoyo Hinata, who is inspired to play volleyball despite his petiteness after watching his idol, the Tiny Giant play on television when he was young. Once in high school, Hinata joins the volleyball team only to find Kageyama Tobio“The King of the Court” who he lost his first volleyball match also a part of the team and now must work together.

  1. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

Genre: Comedy     Status: Completed.

A comedy anime about a high school student with powers and has to hide his them from everybody, which shows to be hard with many of his interesting classmates that make it difficult to do.

  1. Demon Slayer.

Genre: Adventure    Status: Completed.

After Tanjiro’s family is slayed by a demon and his sister turns into one, he becomes a demon slayer to find a cure for his sister and avenge his family.

  1. Kamisama Kiss.

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Comedy.   Status: Completed.

Upon becoming homeless, Nanami soon becomes a god of a shrine and must learn the ins and outs of being one along with her fox spirit familiar and many others.

  1. Black Butler.

Genre: Dark Fantasy, Thriller.    Status: Completed.

A 12-year old orphan, Ciel Phantomhive searches for his parent’s killer despite the danger it might bring, along with his demon butler, Sebastian.

  1. Death Note.

Genre: Mystery, Thriller.    Status: Completed.

A high school student, Light Yagami, discovers a notebook with deadly powers- it kills anyone whose name is written inside it. This causes him to kill off anyone he seems unworthy, along with the police trying to find out who is killing these people.

  1. Inuyasha.

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Romance.    Status: Completed.

After getting pulled into an ancient well by a demon and being brought 500 years into the past, Kagome meets Inuyasha, a half-demon, who wants to find the Shikon Jewel to turn into a full demon. So with the help of some new friends, they set out to find these Shikon Jewels, which turns out to be harder than expected.

  1. Fairy Tail.

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Action.    Status: Completed.

Lucy Heartfilla is determined to join Fairy Tail, a magic guild, and after she meets Natsu who is a member of the guild during a rescue, he offers her a spot. They team up to complete missions for the guild with much adventure and action along the way.

  1. Soul Eater.

Genre: Action, Dark Comedy, Dark Fantasy.

Status: Completed.

To prevent the rebirth of evil, students of the Death Weapon Meister Academy must learn how to fight together as weapon and meister to make sure that happens. Come along as Soul and Maka fight against ghoul, monsters, and much more to help defend against the evil.