Pandemic vs. Capitalism: Black Friday Edition

Ariana Bennett, Staff Reporter

Black Friday is coming up, and this year, it is not an ordinary Black Friday. Some stores will have Black Friday sales online! And if they are in stores, then everyone will have to be wearing their masks while shopping, and stores will have to limit the number of shoppers allowed in at any one time.

Spending money is one con for holiday customers, but have you also considered the stress this season causes for employees?

I understand it because I am a retail worker myself. Dealing with a lot of customers is one thing, but also dealing with people stealing, stores becoming a huge mess, sometimes computer failure, and shortages of staff.

With COVID being in the mix, the whole store will need to be sanitized frequently, and a certain amount of people can come in the store, 25 at a time, we can limit coronavirus cases.

It has been a rough year for everyone, and so with Christmas around the corner, so many people are trying to get things for their friends and family. This year the thrill for people when they get something for a low price may be necessary for people who have lost jobs or been reduced from full time to part time work.

With so many people having to deal with quarantines again, it’s understandable that they may want to actually shop in a real store, just to get out of the house, but please remember to be kind to the employees. We are doing the best we can.