Hot Spots, Color Coding, and Creepin Cuomo

Composite image by Anderson Graphics

The company,, makes the creepy Cuomo stickers.

Jalisa Andrews, Occasional Contributor

The COVID outbreak has continued to grow rapidly since the end of September, leaving many confused. Is it because of the holidays, like people having Halloween parties? And how will this affect Thanksgiving? Or could this second (or third?) wave be from the reopening of schools? Will we have to go back to completely virtual classes? Will we need to cancel our travel plans and reschedule the fat man’s arrival? 

Governor Cuomo is starting to take more actions on COVID-19. 

As of this writing, Cuomo has set a bedtime on NYS. All bars and restaurants are to start closing at 10 pm now, but drive thru services are not affected. He has also set a ban on private gatherings to 10 or fewer people in private residences.  There have been memes about the governor creeping on families, and a company in Buffalo is even selling sticker of Cuomo peeking in your windows.

Will schools shut down? This a question a lot of people would like answered. Mayor DiBlasio has closed NYC schools until at least after Thanksgiving (and many people suspect it will be longer than that). Several schools and even entire districts in this area are already remote only. And parents are starting to get angry and wonder why restaurants and bars are remaining open but schools have to close.

But depending on what “color” code your town, county, or region of the state is, it may be just a matter of time before those close too.

The city and other parts of NY have been placed on color zones orange and yellow that will determine which parts of economy in that county will be shut down. Although many people seem to be misunderstanding the governor’s approach, which he said is focusing on containing micro-clusters rather than large scale shutdowns. Some people still think it’s only a matter of time before we get shut down again for another round of quarantines.

Cuomo has made a promise that New York will do better at vaccinating for COVID than all other states, according to ABC 7 News.