Possibility of Peace Talks in Ukraine is Finally Real

Riley Landowski, Political Animal

After six years of brutal war in eastern Ukraine over the industrial heartland of Ukraine, peace talks have begun over the Crimean peninsula and the support of Russian-backed separatists.

However with the 2019 impeachment scandal, two things have threatened the chance of peace for the near future in the region. First, the quid pro quo involving the Trump administration, and Ukraine’s association with Hunter Biden, risking US support.

In 2014, unmarked Russian mechanized vehicles crossed the Russo-Ukrainian border at the Crimean peninsula. It was basically a strong-arm annexation of the Crimean peninsula by Moscow. A total collapse of the Ukrainian government was prevented by international sanctions on Moscow and support from Western countries. This sparked several Russian-backed separatist groups to rebel in the industrial heart of eastern Ukraine, regionally known as Donbass.

The U.S. withholding of military support to Ukraine was a sign of trouble, a sign Moscow will undoubtedly take advantage of. This also made the support of Ukraine a bipartisan issue, now split by party lines making supporting the Ukrainians more difficult.

With no allies supporting Kyiv, the separatist groups will be incorporated into the Russian Federation. This will be another domino that falls with the stabilization in eastern Europe. Russia is a threat that many countries in the region must take seriously.

How the incoming Biden administration will deal with the problem remains to be seen.