Real Life Pandemic vs. Video Game Pandemic


Composite image by Anderson Graphics.

Delbert Foote, Staff Reporter

First I’d like to say a statement about Ndemic Creations and Miniclips’ game Plague Inc.: Evolved.  This is hyper realistic game where things that happen in the game are not 100% accurate or science-based, and the game’s cure mode is not 100% percent accurate either. Sadly, the game is very correct about the likely actions of people, but hopefully not correct about the way nations will treat or react to the virus.

Plague Inc Evolve came out with a new update, which lets you cure an epidemic. In this game I found that when I cured the virus that the in-game days of how long the game lasted was shorter than a year, 258 days to be exact. Coincidentally, on that day of my win pharmaceutical company Pfizer said they have a 90% effective vaccine towards COVID-19 about 10 months after the start of the major outbreak of that real-life virus. 

First the difficulty definitions: CASUAL, NORMAL, BRUTAL, and MEGA BRUTAL

Casual: full international co-operation, clapping scares disease away, and people love wearing masks.

Normal: Politicians vaguely competent, experts mostly listened to, and healthcare systems somewhat unprepared

Brutal: sick people inject disinfectant, leaders ignore science, and doctors arrested for reporting disease

Mega brutal: sick people giving hugs, everyone believes fake news, and doctors play Plague Inc. all day

As you can see its clearly comedy, not really real. #sarcasm

  As you can see casual is non existent in the US and England because most people don’t listen to the professionals, where everyone is usually cautious about disease, most people (Karens, Floridaman, and conspiracy theorist people) are living on normal mode to brutal mode, but people from governments that speed up the process or people that use disinfectant to cure are usually living on brutal. But some people who know the disease is deadly but like to huddle and spread the disease like a joke are on mega brutal. Yes people are dumb and evil because they think its funny, which, to be honest, is maybe TOO much like real life?

In the game the world has a meter for how much authority you have and has news that explains what is going on. The news tells the player that patient x has been found increasing research speed, patient x is the first person infected with the virus. Also tell you what countries are breaking down and how people are not listening to quarantine laws. 

The only thing that WHO and C.D.C don’t do is call in the military and silence broadcast of the virus or any statement about a vaccine. That would *never* happen in real life, right?