Sarah Fuller Proves #PlayLikeaGirl Means More Than You Might Think


Composite image by the author.

Hunter Doxtater, Staff Reporter

In case you missed it, a senior from Wylie, Texas named Sarah Fuller made history by becoming the first woman to play football in a Power 5 NCAA conference game. 

Fuller didn’t originally start off with football. She is a goalkeeper for Vanderbilt’s women’s soccer team. Kelly Keelan is a head coach of the Vanderbilt’s goalkeepers and attack players. Keelan pulled Fuller and Sophie Guilmette during practice and led the two towards the football field. 

According to SportsNet, Fuller is known as “Champ” by her soccer teammates as she has won two SEC titles with that group of female athletes.

“She (Keelan) placed a ball near the 10-yard line and instructed Fuller and Guilmette to take aim at the large curtain hanging from the rafters near the back edge of the end zone.” says ESPN. The two women were going to have a contest. If you can kick the ball into the sheet you move on and move back 5 yards. 

Keelan tried it out for herself but was eliminated early. Guilmette missed but Fuller kept going. She made it all the way to the 45 yard line. At the moment, she had no idea what she had done for the history of college football, who knows and maybe even the NFL. 

The Commodores were short key players on their specialist team due to COVID, so they got her to put on a football jersey and played for their football team. On Saturday Nov. 28th, Fuller performed the place kick to open the second half of the game. Sadly, her team was demolished by the visiting Missouri team, 41 – 0.

The loss didn’t diminish Fuller’s pride in her accomplishment, or the wide praise she got on social media, with one other history-making female player, University of New Mexico’s Katie Hnida, calling the kick the best-executed play of the game.

At 6-feet-2-inches, many observers believe Fuller could be a great football player and perhaps be the first female NFL player.