Your Guide to New Shows in December


Collage image by the author.

Ariana Bennett, Staff Reporter

As yall can see or hear, a lot of movies and television shows are coming out in December, especially some all new seasons of popular shows. 

On December 4th, Disney Plus began officially airing the live action version of Mulan for free. It was supposed to come out in almost the end of March, but due to the pandemic, and theatres being closed, it was delayed longer and it was put on Disney Plus, but you would have to pay for it just to watch it, but now everyone is able to watch it for free on the 4th of December. 

Another one is a huge tv show that a lot of teenagers watch called “Euphoria.” Euphoria’s first season aired last year mid June and it instantly became a hit due to the subject matter, the problems teenagers go through in society, and they could relate to it. So on December 6th, HBO Max is airing two special episodes of Euphoria. Production was delayed due to COVID and it did not air season two in June of 2020. Rumors had it that the two new episodes will start from the last episode when Rue and Juls went different ways. 

A third one one that many people are excited about is Coming to America 2 that is airing on Amazon Prime. The first one, considered to be a comedy classic, came out in 1988 starring Eddie Murphy. The second one is coming out this month of December. With many of the original cast and also new actors, expectations are high.