Love in the Time of COVID – Dealing with Distance


Composite image by the author.

Heaven Golladay, Star Reporter

Four months ago, I went to the Daniel K. Inouye International Airport, and carried the heavy luggages that I would be living out of for the next two months until the rest of my goods arrived. While in front of the airport’s baggage check, I gave my boyfriend a mask kiss and a box of chocolates I couldn’t bring with me on the plane. 

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, it was hard for him and I to regularly see each other anyways. However, after that day we officially became a long-distance couple, and it’s something we’ll be facing for a while.

It has been 16 weeks since I last spent moments on the island I called my home for most of my life and it’s been a struggle to adjust to the complete contrast that is Fort Dum. From time zones to bad WiFi, the smallest things have made my personal relationships difficult.

Thanks to modern technology, if you squint your eyes enough it’s like the person you love is really there when you FaceTime when in reality you’re babbling to a box of pixels hoping they’re being transferred.

My boyfriend and I have made an almost unspoken agreement to FaceTime each other every moment we can, a habit we’ve had since the quarantine started. In a weird way I’d say the distance has made us closer.

In anticipation of the moment we’d see each other again, the next decade of our life is practically planned. From vacations to internship opportunities we really want to make the best of our time and see each other be successful. 

Besides all of the boring planning, we have apps like Astronaut’s Journal where we leave cute notes to each other and write our dreams out each morning, and a countdown for our next visit.

The biggest thing we do to bond from such a distance is our shared podcast Losers in Liebe that has a surprisingly solid following. Although we haven’t been able to keep up our promise of weekly episodes, it’s still comforting to open up about our relationship and have others enjoy it.

We’ve really made it work quite well with small things like this and in no time the distance will be no more.