Finding the Motivation for School (and Life)


Composite image by the author.

Jalisa Andrews, Not Actually a Life Coach, I Just Play One on TV

Are you struggling with doing schoolwork on those days when you aren’t in classes? You are not alone! Many IR students have found “hybrid” school very difficult. Seniors in particular, who are “done” with many required classes, and who so often have such a lazy approach to schoolwork that there’s even a common name for it (“Senioritis”), might need some help.

These are some things that you can try to help you stay motivated. Whether it’s motivation for school or just life in general, we have compiled some advice.

PROCRASTINATION: Cut procrastination out of everything. Cut out excuses and stop wasting time. Try to help yourself reveal the reason for delay and get to work. Sometimes when you need to start something you just have to go for it. Setting deadlines or a time limit for your tasks will help you be ready or completed with your tasks when you need to be.

ORGANIZATION: Stay organized. Organization is needed for everything. Try to keep your environment calm and uncluttered so your mind can be as well. Being able to organize your time and surroundings will help you accomplish so much. Create the perfect domain so you can create your best work and keep at it till it’s done. Being able to decompose your goals into smaller short term tasks will be important to your success.

DISTRACTIONS: Starve your distractions. Invent ideas or ways that you can complete tasks without being distracted. Do what is comfortable for you to help you stop being distracted. Try not to divide your attention between too many goals or tasks.

ACHIEVEMENTS: Set your goals and paint a picture. You wanna set your goals and ideas into action mode. When going about your goal, create a plan. A plan will help you break down your goal so that you can get it done. Painting a picture of what you want to accomplish or creating a clear compelling vision can help you stay motivated. You want to create a large striking vision because you can achieve anything you can see.