2021 Resolutions: (Still) Pandemic Edition


Composite image by the author.

As 2020 came to an end, and everyone counted down the seconds to the ball dropping, we reflected back on the year we are all glad to have left. From the Australian wildfires, the Covid-19 pandemic, Kobe Bryant’s death, the Black Lives Matter protests, and many more, we have made it through it all. 

While there were many jokes about saying “Jumanji” at midnight on New Year’s Eve to reset our world back to the pre-covid days, that unfortunately didn’t happen. 

However, what did happen was millions of people across the world creating their New Year resolutions. Whether it was written, spoke out loud, or kept inside, the resolution was made. According to an IPSOS poll, three-fourths of Americans who created a resolution for 2021 said it was pandemic related. 

Experts have created a list to guide you in either creating your resolutions or fulfilling the ones you have already made. These experts include Dr. Jessi Gold Of Washington University of Medicine in Saint Louis as well as Dr. Steven Taylor, author of “The Psychology of Pandemics.”

These two experts advise people to:

  • Make plans for the short-term, not the long-term.

If 2020 has taught us anything it was to prepare for the unexpected. With school cancellations, restaurants closing, and quarantines we were never really given a choice. This tip is telling you to create short goals that you can realistically meet. 

Gold said, “Having something tangible you can pin your hat on, like a vaccine timetable, is quite comforting.”

  • Turn the focus outward. 

During 2020, it was really hard to get out and do things or see people. This recommends that you find creative ways to visit your family and friends, which can be done through a facetime call. You can also find creative ways to go out and do things while keeping yourself and others safe.

  • Keep it basic. 

Sue Graff, a 66-year-old, said her one goal in 2021 was to simply stay alive. By keeping your resolutions and goals basic you can relieve yourself of stress and complications. 

While you’re creating your 2021 resolution think about these expert-provided tips as well as ways you can make 2021 a different year than the last.