Iran Continues Enriching Uranium at Levels Needed for Weapons

Composite image by the author.

Composite image by the author.

Riley Landowski, International Affairs Correspondent

Iran continues enriching uranium to 20%, government spokesperson Ali Rabiee told the state-run Mehr News on Monday. While on the same day seizing a South Korean tanker carrying a large shipment of ethanol, excusing with the statement “due to the repeated infringement of maritime environmental laws” according to BBC. 

The furthering of their nuclear program comes into conflict with the 2015 Iran Nuclear deal and is in violation of the agreement. Iran claims it is all in an attempt to further progress their nuclear energy for a power plant. That building a nuclear weapon would be “against Islam” according to NBC. However, these actions are seen by international observers as clear signs of Iran attempting to further progress in its goal of obtaining a nuclear weapon to threaten neighboring Israel.  Israel as well as many countries neighboring and observing the state of the Middle East are in fear of the consequences of Iran obtaining such a powerful weapon.

 In recent, last month the assassination of Iran’s top nuclear scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was killed by a remote machine gun, with such precision that the passenger wasn’t struck by any projectiles. The emplacement of the weapon used was then destroyed by remote detonation, leaving no evidence to be salvaged from the wreck according to an article by the BBC. The motive of the killing is clear, however the country behind it is apparently not keen on being exposed and as of now, no one entity has claimed responsibility for it.

Iran has gone on to blame Israel for the killing, they are not without their motives; but many other nations have an interest in seeing the Iranian nuclear program fail.