Tips For Manifesting Better Circumstances in the New Year


Composite image. Original courtesy of Morguefile user “hotblack.”

Jalisa Andrews, Self Help Guru

A new year has made an appearance. GOODBYE 2020! Here are 5 things that can help you manifest prosperity and bring in an abundance of greatness into this new year and bring it in the right way.

    1. MOVING FORWARD!: Moving forward and letting go. You need to let go of all the negative activity in your life and start making room for all the happiness you wanna bring in. You need to make room for all the new experiences. Let go of all the negative thoughts, self-judgement, and whatever you feel is not supporting you or making your life better … <Elsa voice> LET IT GOOOO.
    2. BUILD ON YOUR HAPPINESS!: I can not stress how important it is to love yourself and do what makes you happy. Knowing your worth and appreciating yourself not only allows you to be freely happy but it also allows you to pave a way of success and a positive mindset and mental wellbeing. You cannot truly love others and take care of others till you love and take care of yourself. Make a point to make yourself happy everyday… happiness is key. 
    3. BELIEVING AND RECEIVING!: Believe in what the universe has to offer to you and believe that whatever you are trying to manifest for yourself will happen. Even if you are unsure how things will get done you have to believe. Believing is the key to achieving. When it comes to this manifest you wanna be open to receiving anything that comes your way. This can mean letting someone treat you to dinner or simply receiving a compliment. By doing this you are letting the universe know you are ready to receive all the abundance it has to offer for you.
    4. COMMITMENT!:  Before anything, know what it is you want and why you want it, you can commit to something if you don’t know what it is. Be committed to living your dreams and what you’re trying to manifest. This can mean knowing that sometimes there will be challenges and problems and just being able to accept things for what they are. Stay active with your dreams, never put them on the back burner, everything you do should make you feel like it’s for your future or helping build those dreams.
    5. FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT!: Start acting as if everything you want and you are trying to manifest is already yours. When you start to “fake it till you make it” it starts to feel as if you already have it and eventually that manner will come to be about. Make sure your mindset adds up to your actions. You wanna be in harmony and aligned with everything as well.