Do You Know the Motley Crue Story?


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Samara Buffardi, Born in the Wrong Decade

Motley Crue is a heavy metal band that started in 1981 in Los Angeles. The group’s members were lead singer Vince Neil, bassist Nikki Sixx, drummer Tommy Lee, and guitarist Mick Mars. 

Some of Motley Crue’s hit songs are “Kickstart My Heart,” “Home Sweet Home,” “Dr. Feel Good,” “Take Me To The Top,” and “Girls, Girls, Girls.” The band has gotten seven platinum certifications, and nine top 10 albums on the Billboard 200 chart.

Despite a huge effort by fans, involving more than 100,000 votes, Motley Crue is apparently (unofficially?) banned from the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame; Sixx has claimed in interviews that the band was told that because of the way they’ve acted in the past they would never be inducted.

The band definitely lived their early career solely around booze, drugs, and girls, but the band has had some serious consequences because of this lifestyle. Which includes a horrible car crash in 1984. Lead singer Neil was behind the wheel and crashed into another car, killing a friend of his, Hanoi Rocks’ “Razzle” (aka Nicholas Dingley, a British musician), and left passengers in another car with brain damage. Neil was convicted of drunk driving, sent to jail for 30 days, but only served a total of 18 days behind bars.

There was a Netflix movie made about the band’s crazy life called “The Dirt.” The band also made a book about all the facts that the movie supposedly fabricated or got wrong.

The band’s first tour was with Ozzy Osbourne, Ozzie dared Sixx to urinate on the floor and lick it up. So Sixx urinated and Osborne ended up drinking it. Also on this tour Osborne and Neil stole a car and then they took a nice joy ride in it. After they were done with their ride they smashed the windows and ripped out the upholstery.