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Joshua York, Might Be Wrong, But Probably Not

With the NFL playoffs kicking off everyone is asking who’s going to the super bowl? Who’s winning it all? The Green Bay Packers, that’s who –the number one seed in the NFC. 

Now my opinion might not matter but check the statistics from the Fan Nation. Arron Rodgers, the quarterback for the Packers, has thrown 3,900 yards for 39 touchdowns with only four interceptions and a 69.9% completion percentage. Patrick Mahomes, the champion quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs from last season, has thrown for 4,200 yards and only has 33 touchdowns with 5 interceptions with a 68.4% completion percentage.

While Kansas might have the better defense, Green Bay’s offense is remarkable with outstanding wide receivers Devante Adams, and Allen Lazard.

Green Bay aka the cheese heads are not new to the playoffs they have appeared 19 times since 1993 and have been to three Super Bowls, winning two of them. (1996 and 2010)

After the wins over the Bears the Packers are set to play the Buccaneers in the NFC championship game on Sunday. I believe the packers will make their next Superbowl appearance this year against the Chiefs.