How Does a Kpop Album Come to Be?


Screen capture of the various options that go with a typical kpop album, including postcards.

Jayden Devereese, Still kpoppin

An album being produced means essentially new music. But in the kpop community it means way more than that. A new album means a bunch of things including but not limited to, teaser photos, new photo concepts, new photo book(s), and music video. 

If we take apart a kpop album, they usually consist of a photo book, photo card(s), the disc, and sometimes some extras from the company. These physical objects might seem like part of a past era in the music business, when many people buy music only digitally now, but the fans definitely seem to want them.

If we analyze an album, say, “Love Yourself:Her” from BT, there was a lot put into this album as a whole. The album itself consisted of four different photo concepts so that means four separate photo books, four sets of photo cards, and four different posters. This album also included a notes book, the same for each version, and a company issued audition offer sheet. 

We now know what goes into an album but how is it pieced together. Well first the music is created. A vibe is written within the music and a topic is created to piece together the photo concepts. Next is the photo shoots and album recognition. Whilst the photo process is being completed there is a designer creating the album cover and how everything inside it will be presented.

After the photo process is completed the music video then goes into the process of being recorded. While this is taking place there are ‘teaser’ photos being released, this is just some of the best photos from the photo shoots. They Are released sequentially but not all at once. When the music video is completed the release dates are then created for when the album and music video will be released. Then that is basically the album process completed.