Look, Some Deeply Weird Stuff You Can Buy on Etsy


Summer Bernard, Went There, So You Don't Have To

While scrolling through online websites like Amazon, Wish, etc. you always find the normal things like clothes, home appliances, and other convenient items [OK, so there is some weird stuff on Wish…] but have you ever dug a little deeper in your quest for weird and questionable things? Well if you haven’t, here are a few strange items you can find on Etsy.

[Editor’s Note: No, we don’t get anything from promoting these (other than maybe comments from trolls), and the various Etsy shops are owned by nobody related to us. Happy viewing!]

  1. Body Shaped Soap.

While scrolling through Etsy, I noticed that there were various amounts of body shaped soap including an ear, toe, and nose. These soaps come in many different colors and also different scents you can choose from (although, strangely, “feet” is not one of the scents available). It’s not everyday you see body shaped soap so this was kind of interesting. Put it in the guest bathroom to freak people out!

  1. Human Teeth.

Real human teeth that have been sterilized and cleaned. It’s kind of strange knowing you can buy real human teeth on the internet, but it’s legal according to the shop owner so it is what it is. As for for you do with them, well, the less we know the better. Jewelry, maybe?

  1. Can of Teeth.

So we have a variation on the teeth thing; sort of dentures in like, a cat food tin…interesting. Fake teeth that go around the inside of a cat food can so it looks like the can has teeth. Perfect gag gift for someone that, IDK, you actually *want* to make them gag?

  1. Muskrat Bones.

Here we have supposedly real muskrat bones. It’s a full set of bones that seem to be for decoration but who knows. Also I wonder where they got them from, like the side of the road? A friend? An animal doctor? Who knows. Don’t ask questions, just roll with it.

  1. A Two Headed Duckling.

Even further down the “taxidermy” wormhole, this one is more on the cute/weird side but you can get a two headed duckling and while it seems cute, the weird part is “Dave,” the “artist” says on the site that it’s made of real ducklings that have died from “natural causes,” but maybe that includes Dave since he’s a natural object? Pretty weird.

          As you can see, these are just a few weird things you can find on Etsy, so imagine how many more you can find on this sight and more. If you happen to be looking for bones definitely look at Etsy because they seem to have a lot of those. Just please also keep your standing appointment with your shrink.