Not Exactly Call of Duty

More like, Call of Kitty?

Hunter Doxtater, Just as Puzzled as You Are

In the suburbs of Melbourne, a former Australian soldier allegedly drapes himself in tactical gear, and stormed an animal shelter. He was armed with an assault rifle and aimed it at a female worker. He pointed it at her and restrained her. 

Now why would someone want to do this to an animal shelter? Well we later found out that the man was allegedly just trying to find his cat. The man who has been chargedby police is Tony Wittmann, a father of three kids. He served in the Australian Army before being discharged for “failing to render efficient service.”

Wittmann’s cat was apparently found wandering and held in the shelter. He was told he could pick it up the next day. Instead of waiting, he put on military grade equipment and brought a gun to the shelter.

The woman who was working at the shelter, held at gunpoint, describes his weapon as “something a SWAT team in the movies would use.” Wittmann allegedly said to her, “Do as I say and listen to me, I won’t shoot you.” 

He then started questioning her where all the cats are. The police report that Tony kept the gun pointed at her and kept his finger on the trigger. He then commanded her to get on her knees and then proceeded to tie her up.

“The accused said, ‘I’m going to close this door. If I see you, I’ll shoot you’,” a detective told the Melbourne court.

After being left alone for a while, the woman freed herself and called her boss who then called the cops.

Some of the crime was recorded on the shelter’s security cameras, and Tony Wittmann was arrested and denied bail. Committing a crime with a gun is very serious in Australia, and it remains to be seen how the trial will proceed.