More Magical, Mysterious, and Weird Stuff You Can Buy Online

Just in time for Valentine’s Day


Composite image by the author.

Summer Bernard, Guru of Weird Purchases

Is your significant other hard to shop for? Or maybe you want to test them a bit? Warrior Ink is here for it, either way! We took another deep dive into the internet to find some unique gifts for that “special someone.” Today you can see just a few of the interesting things you can buy from various online stores like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy.

  1. Animal Paws- eBay.

Maybe not the weirdest thing since there are things like rabbit feet that people have, but you can find different kinds of animal paws like possums, raccoons, squirrels shaped in various ways like a peace sign and even, ahem, flipping the bird with a furry digit. Search “Everything Else > Weird Stuff > Really Weird”

  1. Air- eBay.

That’s it, just air. You can buy air in a bag, air in a bottle, and even air from Sweden. The weird part about this is the prices, you would think that it would be $10 or under but nope, at least 2 of these items retail for $50 or more. It’s unclear how many are actually selling at that price, but maybe some people have that kind of budget for gag gifts?

  1. A Haunted Doll- Etsy.

Apparently you can buy haunted dolls from Etsy… This specific shop seems to have a few different ones and even one review claiming to feel sensations of different things since they have gotten the doll and has communicated with it (Obviously I have no clue if this is true or not, just going by the review). The shop itself has also claimed paranormal stuff happening with these dolls.

  1. Insect Lollipops- Amazon.

 How about a set of Lollipops with insects inside of them? Well, that include Ants, a Scorpion, a Cricket, and Worms. These lollipops also come in flavors like Blueberry, Strawberry, Apple, Banana, etc. Much more reasonably priced than Swedish Air (like only eleven bucks!), and pretty much guaranteed to freak out somebody in your life. There’s a wide variety of insect-related food items, including a number of things made with cricket flour, which, you guessed it, is made from ground-up crickets. [But please be aware that some people who have shellfish allergies may also be allergic to insect exoskeletons.]

    1. President Scented Candles- Amazon.

You can now get candles that smell like Presidents of the past and the present. They go from Biden, Trump, and Obama and as far back to Lincoln and Roosevelt. Great for whether you’re a fan of a certain President, need a gag gift, or just want something for laughs and giggles. It is TOTALLY worth clicking through just for the product description(s).

          6. Hutzler Banana Slicer

Ever wondered how you could improve your fruit slicing efficiency, satisfy your OCD about making bananas into identical slices, AND read some really hilarious product reviews, all at once? Amazon has you covered again, with the (in)famous Hutzler Banana Slicer. Accept no substitutes, and eat more bananas.

But yea, just FYI, Warrior Ink accepts NO responsibility for anything that happens as a result of ACTUALLY giving any of these items as gifts.