SuperCross Dudes Already Wear Masks…and Fly High

Parker Ashley, Staff Reporter

Yes, good ole Supercross season has started there’s been three races already and it’s already been crazy and it’s only just getting started. What’s Supercross for the people that don’t know its racing dirt bikes in a Stadium and it’s a pro sport. 

Supercross is one of my favorite things or racing dirt bikes in General its very fun gets the adrenaline rush  there’s Supercross and then there’s Motocross, Motocross is a outdoor track bigger faster Pace kind of and Supercross is Indoor Stadium kind of smaller it’s harder cuz the jumps are a lot closer and it takes a lot more skill you have to have rhythm and a lot of technique. 

But let’s talk about supercross is dirt bike racing but in a different way I Guess, i’m not sure why they call it that but thats what its called its a it’s a series of 17 races in different places around the United States in stadiums like Stadiums they would play football or baseball in. 

This year has just started and there’s been three races and it’s already a battle. There’s three different classes 250 east and 250 west and 450s what the numbers mean is the size of the bikes and what I mean about the east and west is that people race 250 that are in the east Coast and 250 west are people that race in the west then 450s they are together people from the east and west they have different classes for the 250s is because people that are just starting to race supercross start on a 250 you can’t just go to a 450 because the people that race 450 are really good and that’s what most people like more than the 250s 

So let’s talk a little about the 450s so far this year. It’s been crazy. The 450 class is stacked this year there’s a lot of good riders in there and it will make it very interesting who takes home the win after the 17 races. It’s all about points when you race whatever position you end up in after the race determines on how many points you can get and the person with the most points at the ends wins it all.

But let’s talk about some racing the first race was in Houston and Justin Barcia he rides a brand new 2021 gas gas its a new bike that came out and he pretty much dominated the first race and there’s a little talk before the race was going to start that he wasn’t going to win and then he ended up winning and surprised a lot of people but for the last three years he won the first round and then after that he just kept going downhill like he could never be consistent with his placing but this year he looks like a different person he’s riding very consistent smooth but there’s a few guys has to watch out for like Eli Tomac Ken Roczen Cooper Webb and a few others

Eli Tomac last year won the championship last year and he’s a great Rider to he’s very aggressive he likes to crash a lot but he’s very fast and different from all the other people he’s sneaky just when you think he’s not behind you he’ll be right behind you and then he’ll pass you this year is going to be wild and it has just begun a lot of racing still left